NZ Mollusca


Condylocardiidae: Condylocardiinae
Genus: Benthocardiellamap >
Width 0.9mm, Height 0.9mm, Marine, Endemic
Northland. Off Mangonui Heads, 10-20 metres AE.
Width 1.1mm, Height 0.8mm, Marine, Endemic
North Island. Off east coast Northland AE.
Width 0.9mm, Height 0.8mm, Marine, Endemic
Off Bounty Islands, 250 metres AnE.
Width 1.2mm, Height 0.9mm, Marine, Endemic
Chatham Islands. In shell sand and down to about 20 metres ME.
Width 1.1mm, Height 1.1mm, Marine, Endemic
North Island. Off east coast Northland to East Cape AE.
Width 0.8mm, Height 0.8mm, Marine, Endemic
North Island. Off east coast Northland and Taranaki ACE.
Width 1.2mm, Height 1.2mm, Marine, Endemic
Stewart Island. In shell sand FE.
Width 0.6mm, Height 0.6mm, Marine, Endemic
Off Auckland Islands, trawled in 155 metres AnE.
Genus: Condylocardiamap >
Width 1.6mm, Height 1.5mm, Marine, Endemic
North, South, Stewart, Chathams, Snares and Auckland Islands. Dredged from 5 to over 300 metres ACFMAnE.
Width 1.5mm, Height 1.4mm, Marine, Endemic
South Island, Fiordland, and Chatham Islands FME.
Genus: Condylocunamap >
Condylocuna concentrica (Bernard, 1897)
Width 1mm, Height 1.1mm, Marine, Endemic
South Island, Stewart, Snares and Bounty Islands CFMAnE.
Condylocuna mernoo (Dell, 1952)
Width 1.3mm, Height 1.1mm, Marine, Endemic
Mernoo Bank, western Chatham Rise CE.
Condylocuna torquata (Marwick, 1928)
Width 1.8mm, Height 1.5mm, Marine, Endemic
Off Chatham Islands, dredged 18 metres ME.
Condylocardiidae: Carditellinae
Genus: Carditellamap >
Carditella delli Crozier, 1966
Width 2.6mm, Height 2.3mm, Marine, Endemic
North of Three Kings Islands, trawled in 800 metres AE.
Condylocardiidae: Cuninae
Genus: Cunamap >
Cuna carditelloides (Suter, 1911)
Width 2.5mm, Height 3mm, Marine, Endemic
Off North, South, Chatham, Auckland and Campbell Islands ACFMAnE.
Cuna compressidens (Powell, 1933)
Width 1.3mm, Height 1.4mm, Marine, Endemic
North Island East Coast, Northland to East Cape AE.
Cuna laqueus (Finlay, 1927)
Width 2.6mm, Height 2.6mm, Marine, Endemic
South Island, Foveaux Strait, and Snares Islands FAnE.
Cuna manawatawhia (Powell, 1937)
Width 2.6mm, Height 2.9mm, Marine, Endemic
Off Three Kings Islands, Northland and Bay of Plenty AE.
Cuna mayi (Powell, 1930)
Width 1.8mm, Height 2.3mm, Marine, Endemic
North Island. Off Northland to Cook Strait and NW Nelson ACE.
Cuna mendica (Dell, 1952)
Width 1.8mm, Height 1.7mm, Marine, Endemic
Tasman Sea, west of North Island, in 980 metres CE.
Cuna waikukuensis (Powell, 1937)
Width 1.7mm, Height 1.9mm, Marine, Endemic
Off North Cape, trawled in 53 metres AE.