NZ Mollusca


Genus: Anisodonta (Austrosportella)map >
Width 7.3mm, Height 4.7mm, Marine, Endemic
South Island. Off Taiaroa Heads, Otago. Off Chatham Islands FME.
Genus: Anisodonta (Tahunanuia)map >
Width 10mm, Height 5.5mm, Marine, Endemic
North and South Islands ACFME.
Width 4.8mm, Height 3.5mm, Marine, Endemic. Shorter and more trigonal than alata and has the umbonal-ventral ridge stronger and distinctly angulate
Off Campbell Island AnE.
Genus: Isoconchamap >
Isoconcha integra (Hedley, 1907)
Width 6mm, Height 3.5mm, Marine
Southern North Island, South Island and Chatham Rise. Also South Australia to New South Wales. Commensal, attached to the external surface of the holothurian Mesothuria lactea CFM