NZ Mollusca
Phylum: Echinodermata

Evechinus chloroticus (Valenciennes, 1846)

Evechinus chloroticus
Common throughout the country, below low tide. This one from the Far North, NZ
Evechinus chloroticus
A dead specimen, in rock pool, Far North, NZ, 10cm diameter
Evechinus chloroticus
Underside of a dead specimen, Far North, NZ, 10cm diameter
Classification: Echinodermata - Echinozoa - Echinoidea - Euechinoidea - Camarodonta - Echinometridae - Evechinus
Synonyms: (=Echinus Linnaeus)
Size/Grows to: Diameter 16-18cm
Distribution: Throughout New Zealand, from low tide to around 12-14 metres [A.C.F.M.]
Notes: Kina. Endemic
Some known Localities
  • Tapotupotu Bay, Far North, NZ
  • Henderson Bay, Far North, NZ
  • Matai Bay, Karikari Peninsula, Northland, NZ
  • Mills, S., Neill, K., Anderson, O., Davey, N. 2017: Extraordinary Echinoderms. A guide to the echinoderms of New Zealand. Version 2, Niwa Guides (p.51)

Note: Localities are approximate, and represent only some of the known localities for the species.