NZ Mollusca

Nautilus pompilius Linnaeus, 1758

Nautilus pompilius
Washed up on Ninety Mile Beach, 1980's, 133mm
Classification: Mollusca - Cephalopoda - Nautiloidea - Nautilida - Nautilidae - Nautilus
Distribution: Far North [A.]
Notes: Chambered Nautilus. Occasionally washes ashore on northern beaches. Compared to N. macromphalus, pompilius has calcified layer covering umbilicus
Some known Localities
  • Ninety Mile Beach, Far North, NZ
  • Reid, A., Wilson, N.G. 2015: Octopuses of the Kermadec Islands: Discovery and description of a new member of the Octopus ‘vulgaris’ complex (O. jollyorum, sp. nov.) and the first description of a male Callistoctopus kermadecensis (Berry, 1914), Bulletin of the Auckland Museum, 20 (p.351)
  • Jereb, P., Roper, C.F.E. 2005: Cephalopods of the World: An Annotated and Illustrated Catalogue of Cephalopod Species Known to Date. Chambered Nautiluses and Sepioids (Nautilidae, Sepiidae, Sepiolidae, Sepiadariidae, Idiosephiidae and Spirulidae), FAO Species Catalogue for Fishery Purposes, FAO, Rome, Italy, 4(1) (p.52)

Note: Localities are approximate, and represent only some of the known localities for the species.