NZ Mollusca

Pinctada maculata (Gould, 1850)

Pinctada maculata
Washed up on Henderson Bay, Far North, ~2012, 49mm
Classification: Mollusca - Bivalvia - Pteriomorphia - Ostreida - Pteriidae - Pinctada
Distribution: Kermadec Islands. Also occasional occurrences in the Far North washed up on beaches [K.A.]
Some known Localities
  • W side Meyer Island, Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands
  • Great Exhibition Bay, Far North, NZ
  • Rarawa Beach, Far North, NZ
  • Henderson Bay, Far North, NZ
  • Ninety Mile Beach, Far North, NZ
  • Brook, F.J., Marshall, B.A. 1998: The coastal molluscan fauna of the northern Kermadec Islands, southwest Pacific Ocean, Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 28 (p.212)

Note: Localities are approximate, and represent only some of the known localities for the species.