NZ Mollusca

Roseaplagis rufozona A. Adams, 1853

Roseaplagis rufozona
Ngunguru, Whangarei, in beach drift, 4.75mm
Roseaplagis rufozona
Bland Bay, Northland, in beach drift, 6mm
Roseaplagis rufozona
In beach drift at Tokerau Beach, Northland, NZ, 7mm
Classification: Mollusca - Gastropoda - Vetigastropoda - Trochida - Trochidae: Cantharidinae - Roseaplagis
Synonyms: (=Cantharidus Montfort)
Size/Grows to: Height 8mm, Width 7mm
Distribution: North Island to Cook Strait. In shell sand [A.C.]
Notes: Endemic
Some known Localities
  • 37 km NE of Great Island, 550 metres, Three Kings Islands, NZ *2
  • ENE Great Island, 200 metres, Three Kings Islands, NZ *2
  • SE of Three Kings Islands, 121 metres, NZ *2
  • Kapowairua, Spirits Bay, Far North, NZ
  • Off Spirits Bay, 23 metres, Far North, NZ *2
  • Off Great Exhibition Bay, 63 metres, Far North, NZ *2
  • Houhora Heads, Northland, NZ
  • Off Rangaunu Bay, 23 metres, Northland, NZ
  • Entrance to Kaimaumau Harbour, Rangaunu Bay, Northland, NZ *2
  • Off Stephenson Island, Whangaroa Harbour , 10-20 metres, Northland, NZ *2
  • Tauranga Bay, Whangaroa, Northland, NZ
  • Whangaroa Harbour outside entrance, 25 metres, Northland, NZ
  • Deep Water Cove, Bay of Islands, 49 metres, Northland, NZ
  • Urupukapuka Bay, Bay of Islands, 2-4 metres, Northland, NZ
  • Rawhiti Channel, 3-5 metres, Bay of Islands, Northland, NZ
  • Bland Bay, Northland, NZ
  • Tutukaka Harbour, Whangarei, Northland, NZ
  • Channel between High Island and shore, Taurikura, Whangarei, Northland, NZ
  • Off Home Point, Whangarei Harbour entrance, Northland, NZ
  • Peach Cove, Whangarei Heads, Northland, NZ
  • SE of Te Arai Point, 35-40 metres, Northland, NZ *2
  • Off Little Barrier Island, Hauraki Gulf, NZ
  • Tryphena, Great Barrier Island, Hauraki Gulf, NZ
  • Omaha Bay, N of Auckland, NZ *2
  • NE of Channel Island, Hauraki Gulf, NZ *2
  • Off Cuvier Island, Bay of Plenty, NZ
  • Near Purangi River mouth, Cooks Bay, Whitianga, Coromandel, NZ *2
  • Whangamata, Coromandel, NZ
  • Off E side Mayor Island, 104-109 metres, Bay of Plenty, NZ
  • Off E side of Mayor Island, 59-74 metres, Bay of Plenty, NZ *2
  • Ranfurly Bank, 94-89 metres, East Cape, NZ *2
  • Rungapapa Knoll, 188-228 metres, WNW of White Island, Bay of Plenty, NZ *2
  • Te Piki, near Cape Runaway, (Castlecliffian, upper Pleistocene), Bay of Plenty, NZ (Fossil) *2
  • Off S end of Motiti Island, Bay of Plenty, NZ
  • SE of Motunau (Plate) Island, Bay of Plenty, NZ
  • Off Matata, Bay of Plenty, NZ
  • Boulder Bay, Moutohora (Whale) Island, Bay of Plenty, NZ *2
  • Piripai Beach, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, NZ *2
  • Large bend on Burma Road, between Whakatane & Ohope, Bay of Plenty, NZ (Fossil) *2
  • S of Patea, 40 metres, Taranaki, NZ *2
  • SW of Waitotara River mouth, 77-82 metres, South Taranaki Bight, NZ *2
  • SW of Whangaehu River mouth, 55-57 metres, Wanganui, NZ *2
  • Off W side of D'Urville Island, 62 metres, Marlborough Sounds, NZ *2
  • Kapiti Channel, 64 metres, NZ *2
  • Plimmerton, Wellington, NZ
  • Palliser Bay, Wellington, NZ
more localities
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Note: Localities are approximate, and represent only some of the known localities for the species.

*2 © Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa CC BY-NC-ND