NZ Mollusca

Gigantidas gladius Marshall, 2003

Gigantidas gladiusDredged in 300 metres, Rumble III Seamount, Kermadec Islands, 51mm
Classification: Mollusca - Bivalvia - Pteriomorphia - Mytilida - Mytilidae: Bathymodiolinae - Gigantidas
Size/Grows to: Length 316mm, Height 54mm
Distribution: Submarine volcanoes, Southern Kermadec Ridge, 216-755 metres [K.E.]
Some known Localities
  • Rumble III submarine volcano, S Kermadec Ridge, 216-460 metres
  • Rumble V submarine volcano, S Kermadec Ridge, 755-360 metres, (holotype, paratype) *2
  • von Cosel, R., Marshall, B.A. 2003 Two new species of large mussels (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) from active submarine volcanoes and a cold seep off the eastern North Island of New Zealand, with description of a new genus, The Nautilus, 117(2) (p.38)

Note: Localities are approximate, and represent only some of the known localities for the species.

*2 © Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa CC BY-NC-ND