NZ Mollusca

Aphelodoris luctuosa (Cheeseman, 1882)

Aphelodoris luctuosaTapotupotu Bay, Far North, in a rock pool at low tide, ~40mm
Aphelodoris luctuosaIn rock pools, Tapotupotu Bay, Far North, NZ, ~40mm
Classification: Mollusca - Gastropoda - Heterobranchia - Nudibranchia - Dorididae - Aphelodoris
Size/Grows to: Length 75mm (animal)
Distribution: Throughout New Zealand [A.C.F.E.]
Some known Localities
  • Tapotupotu Bay, Far North, NZ
  • Barren Arch, Tawhiti Rahi, Poor Knights Islands, Northland, NZ
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  • Powell, A.W.B. 1979 New Zealand Mollusca: Marine, Land and Freshwater Shells, Collins, Auckland (p.287)

Note: Localities are approximate, and represent only some of the known localities for the species.