NZ Mollusca

Anatoma regia (Mestayer, 1916)

Anatoma regia
Dredged 300-600 metres, Papanui Canyon, Otago, NZ, Width 2.5mm
Classification: Mollusca - Gastropoda - Vetigastropoda - Lepetelllida - Anatomidae - Anatoma
Synonyms: (=Thieleella Marshall)
Size/Grows to: Height 2mm, Width 2.5mm
Distribution: Off Three Kings Islands and North and South Islands [A.C.F.]
Some known Localities
  • Kiwi Seamount, Northern Three Kings Rise, 538-677 metres, Three Kings Islands, NZ *2
  • Off North-east Island, 91 metres, Three Kings Islands, NZ
  • Wanganella Bank, 785-800 metres, West Norfolk Ridge *2
  • N of North Cape, 163-168 metres, Far North, NZ *2
  • E of North Cape, 327-257 metres, Far North, NZ
  • S of Great Island, 179 metres, Three Kings Islands, NZ, (holotype of Scissurella regia Mestayer, 1916)
  • Off Twin Rocks, 46-73 metres, Bay of Islands, Northland, NZ *2
  • Off E side of Mayor Island, 59-74 metres, Bay of Plenty, NZ *2
  • Off White Island, 62 metres, Bay of Plenty, NZ
  • Ranfurly Bank, 79-83 metres, East Cape, NZ *2
  • Kahurangi ShoalsPoint, 91 metres, NW Kahurangi, Northern Westland, NZ *2
  • SE of Cape Campbell, 939-1019 metres, NZ
  • E of Forty Fours, 238 metres, Chatham Islands, NZ *2
  • Chatham Rise, 1230-1241 metres, NZ *2
  • Mouth of Caswell Sound, 37 metres, Fiordland, NZ
  • Off Taieri, 91 metres, S of Dunedin, Otago, NZ
  • SE of Nugget Point, 140 metres, Otago, NZ
  • Pukaki Rise, 140 metres, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
  • Campbell Plateau, 160-244 metres, NZ
more localities
  • Raven, J.L., Bracegirdle, S. 2010: New Zealand Seashells Visual Guide, Creatus Design, Wellington (p.10)
  • Powell, A.W.B. 1979: New Zealand Mollusca: Marine, Land and Freshwater Shells, Collins, Auckland (p.36)

Note: Localities are approximate, and represent only some of the known localities for the species.

*2 © Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa CC BY-NC-ND