NZ Mollusca

Antarctoneptunea benthicolus Dell, 1956

Antarctoneptunea benthicolusDredged in deep water off the Chatham Rise, 106mm
Antarctoneptunea benthicolus(delli form) - From deep water off Hawkes Bay, 106mm
Classification: Mollusca - Gastropoda - Caenogastropoda - Neogastropoda - Buccinidae - Antarctoneptunea
Synonyms: (=delli Powell)
Size/Grows to: Height 100mm, Width 40mm
Distribution: Deep water off North,South, Stewart Island and Chatham Rise [A.C.F.M.An.E.]
Some known Localities
  • W of Cape Maria van Diemen, 1024-1088 metres, Far North, NZ
  • Off Poor Knights, 366-475 metres, Northland, NZ, (type of delli Powell, 1971)
  • Off Aldermen Islands, 540 metres, Bay of Plenty, NZ *2
  • Off Cape Runaway, Runaway Sea Valley, Bay of Plenty, NZ
  • White Island Canyon, Bay of Plenty, NZ
  • Off Gisborne, 750-913 metres, NZ *2
  • Hawkes Bay, 450 metres, NZ
  • NE of Chatham Islands, NZ
  • Northern Mernoo Slope, 999-984 metres, Chatham Rise, NZ
  • Head of Hikurangi Trench, 1723-1549 metres, N Chatham Rise, NZ *2
  • Chatham Rise, 880-1042 metres, NZ *2
  • Off Chatham Islands, 804-863 metres, NZ
  • NE slope Mernoo Bank, 450 metres, Chatham Rise, NZ
  • Pegasus Canyon wall, 1006-512 metres, NE of Banks Peninsula, Canterbury, NZ
  • Chatham Rise, 402 metres, NZ, (holotype)
  • S of Mernoo Bank, Chatham Rise, NZ
  • Eastern Chatham Rise, NZ
  • S of Banks Peninsula, Canterbury, NZ
  • Off Eastern Otago, Otago, 110-128 metres, NZ
  • Bounty Plateau, 390 metres, NZ
  • Snares Shelf, 700-706 metres, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
  • SE of Snares Islands, 560 metres, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
  • NE of Auckland Islands, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
  • Off Antipodes Islands, 103 metres, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
  • Off Antipodes Islands, 86-95 metres, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
  • E of Auckland Islands, 390-400 metres, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
  • Cathedral Banks, Auckland Islands, 646-670 metres, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
more localities
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  • Powell, A.W.B. 1979 New Zealand Mollusca: Marine, Land and Freshwater Shells, Collins, Auckland (p.201)

Note: Localities are approximate, and represent only some of the known localities for the species.

*2 © Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa CC BY-NC-ND