NZ Mollusca

Buccinulum pertinax (Martens, 1878)

Buccinulum pertinax
From Campbell Island, 44mm
Buccinulum pertinax
Holotype of Buccinulum (Evarnula) marwicki stewartianum, collected at Mason Bay, Stewart Island, NZ (MA72023) © Auckland Museum CC BY
Classification: Mollusca - Gastropoda - Caenogastropoda - Neogastropoda - Buccinidae - Buccinulum
Size/Grows to: Height 45mm, Width 21mm
Distribution: Southern half of South Island, Stewart, Chatham, Snares, Antipodes, Auckland and Campbell Islands [F.M.An.]
Notes: Endemic
Some known Localities
  • Cook Strait narrows, 256-186 metres, NZ
  • N Cook Strait, 282-293 metres, NZ *2
  • Midway Perano Head and Cape Terawhiti, 293-315 metres, Cook Strait, NZ
  • Cook Strait Canyon, off Karori Rocks, 256-274 metres, NZ *2
  • Nicholson Canyon, off Turakirae Head, 622-644 metres, Cook Strait, NZ
  • Turakirae Trench, Palliser Bay, 640-658 metres, Cook Strait, NZ
  • Nicholson Canyon, 225-533 metres, off Turakirae Head, Cook Strait, NZ
  • NE of Cape Campbell, 274 metres, Cook Strait, NZ
  • Off Kaikoura, Canterbury, NZ
  • Off Kaikoura, Canterbury, NZ
  • Off Kaikoura, Canterbury, NZ
  • Conway Rise, 400 metres, Kaikoura, Canterbury, NZ
  • SE of Point Gibson, S of Kaikoura, Canterbury, NZ
  • 9 Fathom Reef, S of Motunau Island, NNE of Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ *2
  • Mernoo Bank, W Chatham Rise, NZ
  • Taylors Mistake (Te Onepoto), near Lyttelton, Canterbury, NZ
  • Godley Head, Lyttelton Harbour, Canterbury, NZ
  • Purau Bay, Lyttelton, Canterbury, NZ
  • Kaingaroa, N of wharf, Chatham Islands, NZ *2
  • Akaroa Harbour entrance, 13-15 metres, Canterbury, NZ
  • Waitangi, Chatham Islands, NZ
  • Inner NE side of Jackson Head, 8-12 metres, Westland, NZ
  • Outer Stafford Rock, SW of Haast, Westland, NZ
  • W of Owenga, Te One Creek mouth, Chatham Islands, NZ
  • Owenga, Chatham Islands, NZ
  • E of wharf, Owenga, Chatham Islands, NZ *2
  • Off Oamaru, Otago, NZ
  • Paget Point, Emelius Arm, Charles Sound, Fiordland, NZ
  • Cape Wanbrow, Oamaru, Otago, NZ
  • Open Cove, Thompson Sound, 40 feet, Fiordland, NZ *2
  • Turn Point, Crooked Arm, Doubtful Sound, Fiordland, NZ
  • SE Prindham Point, Deep Cove, Doubtful Sound, Fiordland, NZ
  • Katiki Beach, S of Oamaru, Otago, NZ, (holotype of Buccinulum (Evarnula) mutabile Powell, 1929) *2
  • Shag Point, Otago, NZ
  • '167° Point', Vancouver Arm, Breaksea Sound, Fiordland, NZ *2
  • Karitane Canyon, 220 metres, off Otago Peninsula, NZ
  • Karitane Canyon, 530-585 metres, off Taiaroa Head, Otago, NZ *2
  • Peninsula opposite Oke Island, Wet Jacket Arm, Fiordland, NZ
  • Karitane Canyon, 100-97 metres, off Otago Peninsula, NZ *2
  • Warrington, NE of Dunedin, Otago, NZ, (holotype of Evarnula marwicki Finlay, 1928)
  • Facile Harbour, Resolution Island, Fiordland, NZ
  • '104 Fathom Point', Bowen Channel, Dusky Sound, 10-17 metres, Fiordland, NZ *2
  • Near wreck of SS Waikare, Stop Island, Dusky Sound, Fiordland, NZ *2
  • Off Taiaroa Head, 70 metres, Otago, NZ
  • Off Taiaroa Head, 80 metres, Otago, NZ
  • Off Taiaroa Head, 110 metres, Otago, NZ
  • Papanui Beach, Otago Peninsula, NZ
  • Bay E of Cape Saunders, Otago Peninsula, NZ
  • '55 Fathom Point', S side Cunaris Sound, Chalky Inlet, Fiordland, NZ *2
  • Edge of Saunders Canyon, SE of Taiaroa Head, Otago, NZ
  • Isthmus Sound, Preservation Inlet, 10-18 metres, Fiordland, NZ *2
  • Narrow Bend, Long Sound, Preservation Inlet, 15-18 metres, Fiordland, NZ *2
  • Off N end of Cording Island, Preservation Inlet, Fiordland, NZ *2
  • Revolver Bay, Preservation Inlet, Stewart Island, NZ
  • Kisbee Bay, Preservation Inlet, Fiordland, NZ
  • Off Taieri, 60 metres, S of Dunedin, Otago, NZ
  • Colac Bay, W of Invercargill, Southland, NZ
  • Bluff, Southland, NZ
  • Port William, Stewart Island, NZ
  • Mason Bay, Stewart Island, NZ, (holotype of Buccinulum (Evarnula) marwicki stewartianum Powell, 1929, paratype of Buccinulum (Evarnula) marwicki stewartianum Powell, 1929)
  • Channel between Ulva Island & Bradshaw Peninsula, 33 metres, Paterson Inlet, Stewart Island, NZ
  • Glory Cove, Stewart Island, NZ
  • North Arm, 37-46 metres, Port Pegasus, Stewart Island, NZ *2
  • Off Shipbuilders Cove, South Arm, Port Pegasus, Stewart Island, NZ
  • E end of Seal Point, Snares Islands, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ *2
  • Off Antipodes Islands, 103 metres, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
  • Stack Bay, Antipodes Islands, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
  • Derry Castle Reef, Enderby Island, Auckland Islands, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
  • Lindley Point, Auckland Islands, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
  • Carnley Harbour, 16 metres, Auckland Islands, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
  • Auckland Islands, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ, (holotype)
  • Carnley Harbour, Auckland Islands, Entrance Godley Valley, 9-10 metres, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
  • Northeast Harbour, Campbell Island, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ *2
  • Shoal Point, Campbell Island, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ *2
  • Off Davis Point, Campbell Island, Sub-antarctic Islands, NZ
more localities
  • Gibbs, D.W. Apr/1989: Notes on some Buccinulum from Fiordland, Poirieria, 15(6) (p.15)
  • Powell, A.W.B. 1979: New Zealand Mollusca: Marine, Land and Freshwater Shells, Collins, Auckland (p.198)
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Note: Localities are approximate, and represent only some of the known localities for the species.

*2 © Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa CC BY-NC-ND